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   Art and surgery for your wedding dress, our designer and skilled artisan, Halena, will be the only one responsible for all consultations and performing specialized methods of couture alterations while preserving the designs and fine ornate details of your wedding gown. We offer a unique experience and the opportunity to adore your gown to the smallest of details. Our easy process with minimal fittings also allows Sacramento, Los Angeles and out-of-state brides to have their appointments with us while visiting friends and family.
* Please take time to read our process before scheduling your appointment.
* A wedding gown consultation is free with alterations and $60 without alterations.
* Designer wedding gowns have alterations average: $700-$1000(60%), $1000+(40%).
Most couture wedding gowns have alterations average 
* Very simple wedding gown alterations average: $400-$600(60%), $600+(40%).
* Custom designing is available for sleeves, veils, sash, detachable trains and more. 
* First fitting consultations can be 6-8 weeks before your wedding day.
* Please finish any personal goals before your first appt. to avoid additional alteration.
* Steaming is available for a wonderful 2nd appt., quality assurance and convenience.

1. Email: Book your 1st appt. in advance.
2. 1st Appt: 1 hour. Detailed fitting consultation, pinning and quotes based on specific alteration jobs.
3. 2nd Appt: 30mins. All alterations are completed. Your bustle video is created. 90+% of the time, you only need 2 appts.
4. Pick-Up: Choose a preferred pick-up day for your convenience.

For our most recommended wedding gown cleaning & preservations specialist, contact Elegance Preserved.
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wedding dress alterations
bridal wedding dress gown alterations
bridal wedding dress gown alterations
bridal wedding dress gown alterations