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Wedding dress alteration
   Halena is a fashion designer with extensive sewing knowledge in all wedding dresses. She will be responsible for all consultations and providing specialized methods of alterations while preserving the designs and fine ornate details of your wedding gown as well as offering design alterations. We offer every opportunity to adore your gown to the smallest of details, inside and out.


Email Us: We recommend your first appointment to be 8 weeks before your wedding day but earlier or later starting timeline can be scheduled to accommodate all brides. Most of our alterations generally takes 2 to 5 full working days to complete from start to finish. For very short notice appointments, there's no rush fees but can only be accepted if we have availability without delaying our current bride's schedules.
First Appointment: Consultation, pinning and quotes based on detailed alteration jobs. Please bring your wedding shoes and undergarments if any. Try to finish fitness goals if any before this appointment to help avoid additional cost to alterations.
Second Appointment: 100% alterations and steaming is completed for a total finished try-on experience. Your bustle training video will be created. More than 90% of the time, you will only need 2 appointments.
Pick-Up: You can choose earlier or wait closer to your wedding day.

 Our 1st consultation appointment fee is $60/hr separate from alterations cost.
 * At our shop, alterations for most wedding gowns can average $1000 or more.
 * Custom designing is available for veils, sleeves, belts and detachable trains. 


Higher resolution photos can be viewed on desktop computers or request desktop website on mobile devices



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